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Caring For Camo

Be a Hero For a Hero

Why Donate?

Helping the troops is a great idea, but unfortunately it is impossible without financial support. Every letter we write, every item we donate, and every item we buy for the troops needs to be shipped. We can have thousands of goods and letters ready to be sent, but we cannot send them to the troops unless we can pay the VERY high shipping costs. The shipping costs run approximately $30 per box (multiple troops per box). In addition to shipping, we need to buy goods for the care packages. People donate great things, but there are somethings that are requested by the troops that we need to be buy. Writing letters is very important, but if you can, every dollar helps get those letters and packages to the troops. 

How is my donation spent?

All donations go toward helping the troops. We are a 100% not-for-profit organization. We estimate that 95% of donations go toward buying goods and paying shipping costs. The other 5% is for our administrative costs such as running this website and raising awareness through fliers and other materials of that nature. If you would like, you can specify how your donation is to be used. For example, you can say, "I want my donation to be used exclusively to buy tooth paste," and we will honor those requests. We send large boxes that are intended for multiple troops. It is more efficient to send one large box then multiple single boxes. We are willing to work with you to ensure your donation goes where you would like it to go. If you wish to have a care package sent to a family member or friend whom you know please let us know. We are more than happy to accommodate your request. If you have any questions please email us.