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Caring For Camo

Be a Hero For a Hero


Your Broad Reach

The time we all spend writing letters and packing care packages is all done for those men and women who are currently deployed overseas. However, as we have learned, the impact that Caring for Camo has reaches beyond the troops. Your support and time not only impacts our nation's troops but also their friends, family, and loved ones. We received this picture by the wife of currently deployed US military member. The letters mean so much to her husband and herself that she has started an awesome art project, forming a collage.

Before the Clock Strikes 8PM 

Extremely busy is how one could describe the holiday times. Despite the hectic nature of the times students and members of the community set aside threes hours of their day to help pack care packages and write letters for our troops overseas. We set about the ambitious plan to pack 250 care packages for the troops and with the help of all those involved it was an extreme success. All the packages were packed before the clock struck 8PM at Scholz Garten! 

To all those who attended and contributed, we owe you a huge thank you!

First Mailing Response

On May 6, we were fortunate enough to send 86 care packages to currently deployed US troops. We were extremely excited to receive a few responses back from those who received some of our care packages.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to send a care package. It means more than you know. The constant grind and ever changing environment brings a sense of monotony to this job and it is not very difficult to forget what are true purpose is. As a native Texan, it still brings a sense of worth to know that others care. This job is often thankless, and it is rewarding to receive something as small as a care package from home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Although I see some UT references in the hand written letters, I am an Aggie by heart but I will save theharassment, until I come home. It is comforting to know that even an
Aggie can be loved by a Horn Fan, and could not be any prouder to say I am from the great state of Texas than now.

Thank you for everything you do. Please know that it does not go unnoticed." (Currently Deployed US Troop that just received a CFC Care Package.)

Hook Em, Gig Em, Guns Up, Sic Em it doesn't matter. When it comes to supporting the Troops we all come together because it doesn't matter what hand sign a Hero supports, they are and always will be Heroes to all of us."