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Caring For Camo

Be a Hero For a Hero

Welcome to the official website of Caring for Camo. Caring for Camo is a student organization founded at the University of Texas at Austin by three students in December, 2012. We now have chapters at The University of Alabama, The University of Wisconsin and The University of Central Florida. Our goal is to support the men and women of the United States Armed Forces with letters and care packages. We live in a democracy and have our freedom because of their sacrifice to our nation, so the least we can do is give them a reason to smile, let them know we love them, and wish them a safe return home. It takes about 3-5 minutes to write a letter, and it will make a day for someone that hasn't been home in months. If you can donate, every dollar helps.  All proceeds go directly to helping the troops. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates!

Texas Executive Team

Mary Smirnis


"Plain and simple, I care because our troops are heroes

'There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.' (John 15:13)

Although this is a mission we all strive for, the troops fighting for our freedom are living this out in their daily lives. They are living lives of service, sacrifice, and uncertainty in order to protect our freedoms. Our right to opportunity, dreams, and success would not exist without these heroes. The very least we can do in response is to say thank you."

Mary is a Government and International Relations & Global Studies double major studying international security. She is a senior from Fort Worth, Texas who recently returned from studying abroad in the south of France. After graduating from the best university in the world she hopes to live abroad and eventually attend graduate school. 

Reanna Zuniga

Marketing Director

“From a young age, I learned to have admiration and give support for those serving in the Military. We know America is great—that many people have given their lives to protect the nation we’ve built, and many are still fighting. This organization allows me to show my appreciation by sending little boxes of love to those who are much braver than I. Not only do we as a team get to make troops smile from across the globe, we get the people of Austin involved and create special memories for everyone—those sending the package and those receiving it.” 

Reanna is a senior from Rockport, Texas pursuing degrees in both Journalism and Advertising. After graduating from Texas, Reanna would like to work as a sports journalist or for an advertising agency.

Erik Honore

Finance Director

“When I came to UT, I tried really hard for a long time to find a student organization that I felt was really making a difference out there in the world. Eventually, I stumbled upon Caring For Camo where I was able to see the immediate impact of the work we were doing. Knowing that real people receive real parcels that represent our appreciation and thoughts is a great feeling. Therefore, I made a personal mission to contribute as much as I could to this organization and its longevity for my remaining time at UT.” 

Erik is currently a graduate student in McCombs. He also completed his undergraduate degree in Supply Chain Management there as well. When he completes his Master’s degree, he hopes to enter into the defense contracting sector to further support the troops in that way.

Board of Directors

Alan Dukor

"I founded Caring for Camo because I believe it is my duty as an American to support the men and women fighting for our freedom. From as early as I can remember, it was instilled upon me that freedom is not free. I know that many of us want to help so I decided to help organize the movement." 

Alan is from Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from the McCombs School of Business with a degree in finance.

Jacob Guss

"I wanted to get involved because I wanted to help the troops in the best way that I could. I didn't know how to support our troops and I realized a lot of other people don't either. What better way is there to solve the problem than start an organizaton to help others help the troops." 

Jacob is from Los Angeles, California, and graduated from the McCombs School of Business in 2014. He currently lives in Dallas and works for Southwest Airlines. 

Andy Smith

"I believe in supporting those that sacrifice so much for us. Think about the sacrifice they make to their livelihood and to their families and friends. The very least we can do is send some letters and care packages to brighten their day. I wanted to help, so we started Caring for Camo."

Andy is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from the McCombs School of Business with a degree in finance. 

Nate Boyer

Nate served as a Green Beret for the United States Special Forces and is a recipient of the Bronze Star for his service. In 2012, he was awarded the Disney Spirit Award given to the Most Inspirational Player in college football. Nate has helped refugees in Darfur, and helped provide therepy to autistic children. Nate went to the University of Texas for his master's and joined football team. He was often referred to by teammates as, “Army,” or “America.” Nate recognizes Pat Tillman as his hero, and before games he proudly carried the American flag onto the field. He was a member of the Athletics Director’s Honor Roll with a 4.0 GPA and made regular visits to the Dell Children’s Medical Center with his teammates. 

Nate: "Sacrifice is such a big part of it, and that might be the most inspirational thing there is.  What they’ve given, whether it’s their lives or their service and being away from their families, it’s incredible. I may be receiving this honor, but it’s really going to all of them.”

Sarah Smith

"I, like many others, became involved with Caring for Camo because of my desire to give back and support the men and women of our Nation's military. I believe that it is our duty to serve those who bravely serve and defend our country, guarding our freedoms that we hold so dearly. I knew that I supported the troops and wanted to be part of an organization that echoed my own person beliefs. 

What I did not know, however, was the impact Caring for Camo would have on me personally. I learned very quickly that most people, including college students, support the troops -- yet many do not know how to support them. Caring for Camo is how. Every packing party reminded me how much people truly do care. Caring for Camo helped me discover my passion for giving back and ultimately showed me what it was I want to do with my life."

Sarah is from Rockport, TX and graduated with a B.S. in Sport Management from the University of Texas in 2014. She currently works as the Special Events Manager for JDRF -- another nonprofit dear to her heart -- in Orange County, CA.